Take control of big-name buggies and quads to negotiate scree slopes, steep inclines and various obstacles on extreme off-road and technically challenging tracks. Find the best route, and manage your acceleration, differentials and drivetrain to dominate in local or online competitions.


Gunther The Gun-Hunter

Gunter is a gun loving Gun-Hunter. His mission is to collect the weapons and eliminate the enemies that stops him from retrieving them.



Hyperbeat is a fast paced space shooter, where you collect purple diamonds, destroy objects and enemies to gain score. And you run throught shield marks to surivive longer and boost marks to help you collect more diamonds.



Transfigured is an atmospheric puzzle game where you control two children, who has gained special abilities after being turned into toys by evil monsters.
The game relies heavily on sneaking and solving puzzles, all while controlling the two playable characters



In Curse you have to cure the world from an infectious evil with help of your sword and your companion.

Sacred Woods

In Sacred Woods you use your variety of arsenal to kill the ghosts inhabiting your world, and solve the world puzzle and close the portal that spawns them.


Wrath is a 2D shooter with special abilities that enables you to get more score if used to it's fullest potential. You encounter a hand full of bosses with a variety of attack patterns. And after every Level you get to choose an upgrade to your ship.



Chrono is a point and click game, where the story follows a man who guards clocks that controls time. The story starts when time stops and he main character realise that one of the clock towers needs repairing until time can start again.