Take control of big-name buggies and quads to negotiate scree slopes, steep inclines and various obstacles on extreme off-road and technically challenging tracks. Find the best route, and manage your acceleration, differentials and drivetrain to dominate in local or online competitions.

Some of what i have done in menus have only been mentioned a litle in the “About this game“ and can only talk about it for now untill the game is acually released.


  • Menu

    • I worked with our in house menu designer to build and iterate on most of the menus.

    • Transition between menus.

      • Main Menu

        Set of buttons leading to other various menus.

      • Quick Race

        Handling selection of vehicles and tracks so the player quickly can go into a game, with selfmade sliders and templated UI for the tracks and vehicles.

      • Career

        Containing a node graph, and a tool for designers to easy build a career without any help from programmers.

      • Pause Menu

        Implemented the decided design.

      • In Game UI

        UI for the obstacle checkers to notify the player when an obstacle was done incorectly.

  • UI Image Caching

    Made it so images in menus were be given different priorites to be loaded in and stored the its owning menu if there was a lot of images that had to be loaded for a menu like quick race.

  • UI Slider

    The built in slider in unity did not have the desired functionality i wanted for the menus so i made a slider that could easily be used and that instantiated its containting objects and could be resused easily. When changing the objects information.

  • UI Templating

    I used templating a bit because it made it so much easier to re use a lot of the functionality in the menus, specially if i needed to use buttons a lot but had to change the information and did not wanna create new buttons every time i wanted one. Then i could just re use the old ones that i kept in a object pool.

  • Obstacle checkers

    This was boxes that was put over obstacles in the game to make sure that if the player took a different path than was intended through an obstacle, we could give them extra time so it was not benificial.