Transfigured is an atmospheric puzzle game where you control two children, who has gained special abilities after being turned into toys by evil monsters. The game relies heavily on sneaking and solving puzzles, all while controlling the two playable characters.


  • InGame UI.

    I had a in game hover system communicating with our blue print.

    What this means is that through the blueprint system we could decide the states and images for the states to the two different characters. Meaning for one character, the big one could both pick up and turn on the record player while the small one could only turn it on. So depending on which character you where playing at the moment either one or two choices was showed as an alternative.

    • Press down timer.

      When the player pressed on an object a timer appeared to show how long the player was gonna have to press down for the action to happen. And if relased before timer was done an action did not happen.

    • Press Options.

      Depending on which character was hovered and which object different options appeared.